ProPicks Rules (2021)

This is a competition to most accurately predict the top finishers in specific categories for American Rally Association National events. Entry is open to anybody, and there is competition for individual events, either series, the whole season, individual categories, and for a grand total.

How It Works

To compete, you must predict which teams will place in the top positions in specific categories and events. For each full national event, we will compete to best predict the top 4 national teams Overall, the top 3 teams in "AWD-B" (defined as eligible national finishers in non-Open All Wheel Drive classes such as Limited 4WD and Naturally Aspirated Open 4WD), the top 3 national teams in "2WD" (defined as eligible national finishers any Two Wheel Drive class such as Open 2WD and Limited 2WD) and the top 3 finishers in the concurrently run regional rally. We are not picking UTV's or the super regional rallies.

Point distribution

Bonus 1 point for player(s) with the highest total score for each rally. In the event of a tie for most points, all leading players get 1 point.

However, you get points for picking top finishing teams even if you don't get them in exactly the right finishing position. You get the maximum number of points that both A) the team qualified for and B) that you predicted them for. So if you predict a team to win 2wd (6 points) but they take 2nd (qualifying for up to 3 points), you get 3 points for it. And if a team wins 2wd (qualifying for up to 6 points), but you had predicted them for 3rd (1 point), you get 1 point for it.

There are 9 events. Every rally is worth 40 points. ProPicks championships are as follows:

Entry Deadline And Entry List/Start Order

Entries for each event must be picked on this site by the First Car Out (FCO) time as specified in the supplementary regulations for that event. Entries can be changed up to that deadline. The deadline is posted on the "pick" page and the "status" page. Please e-mail us if there is an error in the FCO time. If they are provided by ProPicks, entry lists and unofficial start orders are updated daily at midnight, Pacific Time. Official start orders and entry lists are always maintained by the rally organizers and should be checked by players before picking.

Availability of Results

All results will be publicly available on this website as soon as they are finalized. Results may be listed provisionally after the start of the rally and finalized soon after the official scores are posted by organizers. Results are also posted to the ProPicks Trash Talk Facebook Group and emailed to players. Copies of the pick database (in mySQL) for the current year are available to anyone interested.


  1. Head-to-head comparison (which player beat the other(s) in the tied category more times).
  2. Most recent head-to-head comparison where a winner can be determined.
  3. Random selection of integers assigned alphabetically to all tied players using the random number generator at

Painful but necessary "fine print" detailed rules below:

Only one account is allowed per person, suspected duplicate accounts may be deleted without warning. Even if FCO time changes, the planned FCO time specified by the event schedule about a week in advance will be the deadline for the ProPicks. The website time stamp will be considered official time unless it is verified at least 30 minutes off, or unless otherwise noted. Exceptions to the FCO post deadline (and to the use of this site as the posting site) can only be made in the spirit of the competition if the website is verified unable to receive inputs for at least the final two hours leading up to the deadline. In that case, e-mail us your picks within 30 minutes after the FCO deadline. Due to the necessity of strict enforcement of the posting deadline, for equal competition for all, it is recommended that risk be minimized. To minimize risk, predictions can be made early. Entries somehow mishandled by the website won't be scored with the compliant ones. Please double check that your picks are correct. If there are errors in your picks and they cannot be repaired, please e-mail me (before FCO) and we'll edit the database by hand if necessary. Duplicate picks in the same category will be scored at the lowest possible point value (the pick page makes basic attempts to prevent duplicates for you). You may allow another person to post or revise your entry by the deadline by giving them your login and password to this site.